Webbrains is a student training medium, Start Ups, Small Business and a wide range of other thing.


Webbrains is a student training medium, Start Ups, Small Business and a wide range of other thing.


Learn AWS Technical Essentials Course Online

Course Prerequisites

This online training course is intended for anyone who wants to learn more about the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform and who want to gain a better understanding of AWS fundamentals. It is recommended that students have basic knowledge of cloud computing concepts and of IT services, as well as some familiarity with the AWS Management Console. However, no previous AWS experience is necessary.

Target Audience

The target audience for AWS Technical Essentials training is IT professionals, software engineers, and developers who want to gain a basic understanding of the AWS ecosystem
The training provides technical knowledge of the various services and products offered by the AWS cloud platform
It is geared towards those looking to establish a career or make a career change into the cloud computing space
Professionals within the IT infrastructure domain such as network administrators, system engineers and system architects may find this training beneficial as it helps them to understand the fundamentals of the AWS cloud platform, which is increasingly essential in their roles
This training also serves as a starting point for individuals who have yet to begin working with AWS, giving them the opportunity to gain the essential knowledge they need to get started

Learning Objectives of AWS Technical Essentials

With AWS Technical Essentials Training, learners can get an overview of the core AWS services and become more familiar with cloud computing concepts. Specifically, the objectives of the course are:
1. Learn about the benefits of the AWS cloud platform and how to use it.
2. Become familiar with AWS core services, such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and Amazon VPC.
3. Understand how to deploy, manage and secure applications in the AWS cloud.
4. Understand basic cloud security best practices, such as identity and access management (IAM).
5. Optimize the costs associated with using the AWS cloud platform.
6. Learn how to use the AWS Management Console to manage resources in the cloud.
7. Create a basic security group, IAM user and Amazon VPC to use in the AWS cloud.
8. Understand the different types of billing models available in the AWS platform.


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Sales Professionals

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Business Owners

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