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Designing and Developing
Web development is the work involved in developing website which include front-end development and back-end development.
Digital Marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as Mobile Phone, Tablet, Desktop etc.
Graphic design is an art where professionals create visual content. It revolves around visual hierarchy, page layout techniques

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Cloud computing is on the demand delivery of IT resource via internet with pays you go pricing instead of buying and maintain physical data centres and servers. You can access technology services such as computing power storage and databases on as needed basis from a cloud provider like Amazon web services organisation of every type ,size and there are many IT industries which are using the cloud for array of use cases such as data backup ,disaster recovery, email, virtual desktops ,software development and testing big data analytics & customer facing web application. Cloud computing gives you instance access to a broad range of technologies so you can innovate faster and build nearly anything you can imagine form infrastructure services such as computers, storage an databases, to internet of things, machine learning, data analytics and much more


Data science is the learning of data it involves developing methods of reporting storing and analyzing data to effectively extract useful tp make informed decision the goal of data science is to gain insight and knowledge from any type of data for both structured and unstructured. Data science is being used across different industries with the advancements in predictive modelling data scientist can help predict the outcomes of disease given the historical data of patience.

Digital Marketing

It is mainly internet marketing so there are endless possibilities for brands including videos, email, social media or websites based marketing opportunites.In current era most of the companies or industries are in demands for a digital marketing solution that not only offers you all the expected features for their particular business, but can also easily gets unified with all its other endeavour, client data to design the campaigns guaranteed to generate leads and drive revenue

Here at Webbrains, we offer you only the best online IT training courses which include both short certificate courses and more inclusive diploma courses. If you want to start with a short course at web brains, we recommend you the Fundamentals of Computers & Code in ions or Computer Networking - Digital Network Security courses. You Enroll in our Diploma in Computer Networking or the Diploma in Information Technology Management and give your IT résumé a solid boost.

Our experienced teachers will provide first hand training to you in order to train you in IT. SO Once you done from this course, you’ll be able to work as a forepart web designer or developer, and build next-generation websites for companies and creative agencies around the globe.

We at webbrain also provide you placements in best companies of IT sectors around the globe.

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